Working since 1990

Who We Are

We are a group of highly skilled CPA’s and accountants with offices in central Kentucky.  We are large enough to provide solutions to complex issues, but small enough to make sure that each client gets the attention that they deserve.  We operate not only a CPA firm (SizemoreTucker PLLC) but also a payroll service bureau (Sizemore Strategic Solutions).

What We Do

We provide comprehensive Accounting, Tax, and Payroll services to clients in a variety of industries.  We provide a tailored approach to each client in order to meet each clients individual and unique needs.

What Differentiates us

SizemoreTucker PLLC and Sizemore Strategic Solutions were started by CPA’s who understand that in the current climate, even the smallest of businesses can reap financial rewards from leveraging not only technology, but also outsourced accounting and financial services.  Our team has decades of tax, accounting, and payroll experience that can help your business keep its thumb on the pulse of its financial wellbeing.  We understand that accounting, payroll, and tax are all individual needs of your business, but feel that when these services are integrated and paired with the right technology and a dedicated team your business can reap significant financial rewards.